Gold foil mosaic waterproof wallpaper

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          product information
Product size: 1000*53cm
Weight: 1.1kg
Material: Gold foil
You need to bring your own glue for the product.
Wallpaper loading steps
1. The first step is to clean the base layer and fill the gap. The joints of the plasterboard surface need to be affixed with seams to make the wall surface completely flat and seamless. The wall must be clean, flat and smooth
2, brushing moisture-proof agent, moisture-proof paint should be evenly painted, not too thick;
3, cutting paper, glue, you can use the vertical line to mark the width of the wallpaper on the wall;
4, the wall paste, seams, laps, the wallpaper is attached to the wall, the edges are aligned, the wall is flattened with a rubber roller, and the adhesive bubbles are pressed; the trim, the ceiling, the wall skirt and the window are replaced with a wallpaper knife. Remove the excess wallpaper and wipe the glue off.