Inflatable lazy sleeping bag

Save 50%

[Fabric]: 190 polyester fabric is soft, feels light and thin, pulls inelastic, 210 oxford wear-resistant, longer service life.

[Operation]: It is windy on sunny days, use it outdoors, open the pocket and run it in a few steps. Instantly charge the air quick lock to fill the air. Roll up the seal until the air sofa is full. Then lock the seal strip with the buckle. It can be stored without being deflated.
[Product Specifications]: The product is not inflated and unfolded: 70*200cm
Product folding package size: 19*16*36 cm
[Product Weight]: The total weight of the finished product plus the backpack is about 0.52kg. Throwing goods: Calculated by 1kg/piece
[Use comfort]: It feels soft and comfortable when you lie down, and it is easy to fall asleep in the afternoon.
[suitable place]: suitable for grass, beach, cement marble floor, cobblestone ground, relatively flat ground

Note: People who can't swim should not use on the water.


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