Folding electric steamer

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Folding electric steamer 2019 patent new fast steam

product information
Electric steamer layer: two layers
Capacity: 10 liters and above
Control method: mechanical
Rated voltage: 220 (V)
Rated frequency: 50 (HZ)
Rated power: 1500 (W)
Product size: 430 * 310 * 97mm
Lining material: stainless steel + food grade PC
Weight: 3 (KG)


This is a professional electric steamer, nutrition fresh steamed food, healthy life began.

Your steam magic box, the technology that started the cooking revolution, 10S fast steam, faster and more efficient than traditional steam methods. Save people's cooking time, 360 degree stereo heating food. Allow food to heat quickly and evenly, locking in nutrients.

The micropipette supplies water as needed. Pure steamed food is more fresh and delicious.
Put an end to thousands of boiling water and add water as needed. Use every drop of water to heat up. Improve thermal performance. Keep pure steam continuously supplied

Steamed food ensures that the food is delicious, oil-free and salt-free. It is very suitable for health people, dieters, and fitness people. It can also be steamed with a variety of foods. Is a new healthy lifestyle

Steam high temperature disinfection. It can be used for high-temperature steam sterilization of bottles, cups, tableware, etc., effectively killing bacteria, virus, cleaning residues, etc


Folding design, easy to store, save space, can be placed in the cabinet after folding, more space saving in the kitchen

60 minutes of free timing, 12 menus to choose the time according to the physical needs of their own cooking, no need to be taken care of.

Control temperature delay protection. According to the change of temperature, the temperature of the water heating body can be controlled at any time to reach 110 degrees, then the water is atomized to steam to ensure the quality of the steam.

Intelligent reminder function, if the water tank needs to be cleaned, it will automatically sound the sound to avoid forgetting the trouble of cleaning the accumulated scale.

Anti-dry protection.
After the water in the tank is exhausted, the machine micro-bubble heating tube stops working. You need to refill the steamer before you can continue to spray steam to protect the safety of users.

Easy to remove design, easy to water and pour water. High temperature resistance, no deformation, easy to clean, safe and healthy


 Start living a healthy life


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