Multifunctional cartoon pillow quilt Sofa cushion Dual-use office nap quilt plush cushion blanket tourism lumber pillow

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Product Name: Cartoon Pillow
Fabric; short plush fabric
Product specifications: close 40*40CM, unfold quilt 110*150CM
Filling: ultra-fine hollow fiber
Features: 1, multi-function, open can be used as air conditioning quilt, close up when cushions or pillows, office, car, travel break will be, storage is convenient and does not take up space. 2, the quilt is covered with a quilting process, which is washable, durable and durable.
Maintenance precautions: 1, can be washed, 2, neutral washing machine machine wash (recommended to choose a soft file).
Note: The size is manual measurement, there is a 1-2cm error!!!4746407066_21261271254747588698_2126127125